Discover the temptation of chillingly delicious dessertwine

Dessertwines are made from the riper, more concentrated grapes later in the harvest season. The combination with the deep taste of dark chocolate is a treat for the taste buds. BLUE NUN comes from one of Germany’s oldest and most prestigious vineyards. It has a long tradition of making excellent wines, and word of its vino has gone far and wide as a result. The item should be considered a cultural landmark. Hermann Sichel founded a winery close to the German city of Mainz in the year 1857. The superb wine made that year at H. Sichel Söhne inspired the creation of the Brand BLUE NUN in 1921, when a new label with the name BLUE NUN was introduced. This brand’s quality was swiftly acknowledged, and it soon appeared on the menus of London restaurants that had earned Michelin stars. Even so, at least a thousand boxes were sent to the UK in the early 1930s, which was quite high for a single brand at the time. There is a significant current market for this wine. Sichel and Langguth founded BLUE NUN in 1995 as a collaboration between the two of them. The number one goal is the production of high quality wine. This wine is always being perfected using state-of-the-art techniques. With age, the wine has become drier and more pleasant. BLUE NUN has earned the title of “Qualitätswein” producer due to their commitment to producing wines of the highest possible standard.

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